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Eagle Eye Log Homes

Custom Handcrafted Log Products

                Eagle Eye Log Homes builds all its products the natural way, handcrafted. This means our logs can look as if they had just fallen out of the forest. Or if you like the more conventional look we can hand peel them to you specifications. These very different shapes can make bringing two logs together quite a task. That's why we have only the most skilled log crafters scribing, cutting and fitting each and every log, giving your custom log home the look of its elements.

                Chinker style shell construction is the quickest type of handcrafted shell building. This style is given its name from the product spread between the logs. Chink is applied to the long gaps in the log walls to prevent air, water and insect infiltration. The chink between the wall logs gives the chinker style its unique look. The home owner may choose from many colors of chink. Another aspect to this style is that each wall log on the shell has only two notches on it. This reduces the amount of time it takes to build the shell. And in turn it reduces the cost of the shell as opposed to a full scribe built log shell.

                Full scribe style shell construction is when each wall log is scribed or coped to the parallel log below it. This adds a lot of extra time to the labor part of the contract yet it creates a beautiful handcrafted look. There are no gaps between the wall logs and no chink is needed. So that is a benefit and cost reducer in itself. Full scribe shell construction also offers a shrink to fit notch that only gets tighter as time goes by. This gives the wall corners a different look as opposed to the round notched chinker style log shells.

                Handcrafted piece work is an alternative to building a full log shell. We offer handcrafted trusses, stairs, mantles, entry gates, and any other accents built out of log you could imagine.